Strong emphasis on quality

Several years ago, the company Metal-Cinkara d.o.o. has introduced a system of quality management in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001, and standards ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

Everyone in the company is responsible for maintenance of quality of products and services. It isiso
not possible to produce quality products without competent employees, without well maintained infrastructure, without supplies that are on time, without reliable financial sources…


In order to control our operations, we have established a set of indicators and success goals that alert us to deviations. Success indicators are monitored every month; in case of deviations from expected results, we analyze these deviations, find causes and determine measures necessary to improve our business.

We strive to identify and satisfy all demands and desires of our customers. Customers’ satisfaction is one of our most important values, which is why we implement various methods for research of customers’ attitudes. Data is analyzed and measures for improvements are implemented.