About the Company

The company Metal-Cinkara, Ltd. is part of the Group Maksim, d.o.o., which is based in Celje, Slovenia.

The predominant activity of the company “Metal-Cinkara” d.o.o. is steel hot-dip galvanizing, which is considered the most effective anticorrosive protection of steel. The company started operating in June 2004, within the concern Maksim Celje, which is the majority shareholder, with a share in equity of 97.92%.

Our advantages

Standard SRPS EN ISO 14 61
All services of anticorrosive protection by hot-dip galvanizing are performed in accordance with the requirements of SRPS EN ISO 14 61.

Quick response
We will answer all your questions promptly and with pleasure and therefore save you a lot of valuable time and worry.

Optimal ratio of quality and price
In cooperation with us you will get the most! All our products are recognized for their quality at competitive prices.

Efficient client information
We are at your disposal for any questions (preparation of materials, technical requirements for hot-dip galvanizing …). In this way, through cooperation with us, you will get a reliable partner whom you can always count on and entrust your problems with corrosion.

Leading role in the Balkans
The capacity of 60 000t per annum, individual weight of elements of 10t that can be galvanized and maximum working dimensions: 13,8m x 3,2m x 1,7m ensure us a leading role in the Balkans.