Hot-dip galvanizing or painting?

Hot-dip galvanization is more cost-effective than painting

Initial investment in painting of steel with thickness of 20 mm and hot-dip galvanization is equal and amounts to approximately  15 EUR/m2 of steel surface.

In terms of painting, sanding costs with 2 basic coatings and two covering coatings are taken in consideration. Painting steel without previously cleaning the surface is not a well done job, and  the need to renew the coating occurs within less than three years.

Hot-dip galvanization is cheaper and more permanent

The thinner the sheer, the cheaper hot-dip galvanization is in comparison with painting. For 9mm sheet, the costs of hot-dip galvanization amount to barely  9 EUR/ m2, and painting costs increase up to 19,5 EUR/ m2. It is known that the coating obtained through hot-dip galvanization does not require further maintenance, whereas quality coatings obtained with paint, as a rule, require repairs after 10 years, and more frequently after that period.

Hot-dip galvanization is more resistant than painting

The coating which is obtained by hot-dip galvanization is characterized by much better resistance to mechanical damages. This coating is 8 times better than epoxy coatings, and even 20 better than PVC coatings and epoxy powder coatings. The advantage of hot-dip galvanization is that it does not make room for any doubts in terms of the quality, since zinc coatings cannot be executed on poorly cleaned steel surface, which is feasible in case of painting.

Additional decorative paint coating

If you want an additional decorative paint coating, this is simple. In that case, use paints intended for zinc (duplex protection).

Comparative table of costs of hot-dip galvanization and painting
Type of product Thickness of walls
Specific surface
Hot-dip galvanization costs
Hot-dip galvanization costs
Cost painting
Heavy structures 17-25 13-15 205 16.5 14
Medium structures 13-17 15-20        230 13.5 15
Light structures 10-13 20-25 245 11 17
8-10      25-30        280 10 18
Very light structures 6.6-8  30-40 325 9.5 18.5
5-6.5 40-50 420 9 19.5
4-5 50-65 500 8
4 65 750 7.5
Serial articles       3 cca. 100 250 11

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