Visit of the students from the Faculty of Technical Sciences

On Tuesday, April 19, we hosted a group of 59 students from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad in company Metal-Cinkara in Indjija. This faculty organizes basic, undergraduate, master and doctoral studies in the field of mechanical engineering, energetics, electrical engineering and telecommunications, computing and automatics, civil engineering, transport, architecture, industrial engineering and engineering management, graphic engineering and design, environmental protection engineering, mechatronics and geodesy and geomatics. 11 000 sutdents study at the Faculty.
The Group was lead by the dean, PhD Ilija Ćosić,  vice-dean PhD Velimir Todić and professors, PhD Milovan Lazarević, mr. Nikola Suzić and mr. Nikola Brkljač. We divided the students into two groups, and after the lecture in which we presented our company and our production process, we took them on a tour around the zinc plant. We were ecstatic by the student response, who have shown a significant interest in hot-dip galvanization process.  It was agreed with the dean PhD Ilija Ćosić, that visits to the zinc plant wil become a part of the regular education of the students at this Faculty.